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  • Concrete Mix

    Concrete Mix
    20 kg

    Quality blend of cement, sand and aggregate Great for small jobs Convenient & easy to use
    plus paths and footings

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  • Builders Cement

    Builders Cement
    20 kg

    Blended cement for a more workable mix Mix with sand for mortar Mix with sand & aggregate for concrete Conforms to AS3972 Type GB
    plus paving & general building uses.

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  • Sand & Cement

    Sand & Cement
    20 kg

    Pre-blended quality sand & cement Convenient & easy to use Further construction can take place after 24 hrs Approx 11 litres of mortar per 20kg bag
    plus general handyman applications .

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  • Mortar Mix

    Mortar Mix
    20 kg

    A quality blend of cement, graded sand & hydrated lime Excellent workability Good for small jobs – convenient & easy to use Covers 20 house bricks or 10 masonry blocks per 20kg bag (10mm mortar joint)
    plus general mortar repairs

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  • Hydrated Lime

    Hydrated Lime
    20 kg

    Blends with sand & cement for mortar Enhances mortar bond strength & workability
    plus water treatment, sanitising & many other uses

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  • Off White Cement

    Off White Cement

    Blends with raw materials to suit your project Light coloured cement for a brighter finish Suits oxide addition for a coloured finish Conforms to AS3972 Type H
    plus bricks, pavers & pool building.

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  • Rapid Set Sand & Cement

    Rapid Set Sand & Cement 20 kg

    Quick & easy to use Suits multiple applications Further construction can take place after 4 hours Covers approx 1m3 per 20kg bag (5mm thickness)
    plus other bedding, fixing and repair applications

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  • Rapid Set Concrete

    Rapid Set Concrete 20 kg

    No mixing required, just add clean water Great for small jobs where rapid hardening is an advantage Convenient & easy to use
    plus other non-structural applications

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  • Pro-50 Concrete Mix

    Pro-50 Concrete Mix 20 kg

    Twice the strength of a standard concrete mix; made for more demanding projects around the garden or home Technically superior: 50MPa compared to approximately 20MPa of standard concrete mix Locally made Australian product Building grade product in convenient 20kg bag for jobs where accessibility is limited
    plus all extra strength or high finish applications

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  • Pro-Mix Fast

    Pro-Mix Fast 250g

    Fast-setting action Higher early-age strengths Job ‘done in a day’ 1:1 ratio
    Ideal for: Posts Pergolas Shade sails Clothes lines Fence posts Slabs

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  • Pro-Mix Finish

    Pro-Mix Finish 250g

    Easy to use Self-levelling, easy to place Makes flowing concrete 1:1 ratio
    Ideal for: Slabs Pathways

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  • Pro-Mix Tough

    Pro-Mix Tough 250g

    PRO-Mix TOUGH contains specially formulated synthetic fibres to provide extra strength for those jobs that carry a heavy load.
    Get the shrinkage control and crack control without the extra cost and work of steel mesh.

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  • Mixing Tray

    Mixing Tray

    This tray will make your mixing easier
    Call in and pick one up
    Cement mixing or other uses.

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  • Polyurethane Float Medium

    Supercraft Polyurethane Float Medium

    Durable lightweight polyurethane material Ideal for rendering
    or 'hard floating' of cement plaster prior to finishing

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  • Aluminium Edger

    Supercraft Edgar Cement Wide Aluminium.

    Sturdy hardworking Edger
    Supercraft Edgar Cement Wide Aluminium.

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  • Trowel (90 Degree)

    Trowel (90 Degree)

    Grip Well Comer Inside Trowel (90 Degree) 114x76x76 mm for cementing and more

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  • Eagle Edger

    Eagle Edger

    Eagle Edger sturdy and comfortable to use cementing.

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  • Float size 130x 305mm

    Float size 130x 305mm

    OX Unleash the Power Professional Series Smooths out concrete.
    Easy to clean perforated back Float size 130x 305mm perforated Sponge Float

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  • Metal Tool Box

    Metal Tool Box

    85 piece Tool Kit Metal Tool Box with moulded plastic inserts
    Chrome Vanadium. Strong Tool Box Lion quality products

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  • Box Tool Powder

    Box Tool Powder

    Box Tool Powder Coat Red
    a strong tool box

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  • Plastic & Stainless Steel Toolbox

    Plastic & Stainless Steel Toolbox

    Plastic & Stainless Steel Toolbox
    Soft grip handle, Removable insert tray. Metal latches, Padlock eyehole. Brand Tekraft

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  • Sirdar Toolbox

    Sirdar Toolbox 480mm

    Sirdar Toolbox 480mm
    A good price it will carry your tools and more

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  • Toolbox Geelong

    Toolbox Geelong

    Toolbox Geelong Brand
    A strong Tool Box and a good price

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  • Metal Toolbox Geelong

    Metal Toolbox Geelong

    Metal Toolbox Brand Geelong Sales Company
    Pay a bit more and you can have this Tool Box

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  • Stillson Pipe Wrench

    Stillson Pipe Wrench

    Stillson Pipe Wrench. Size 12" or 300mm Drop Forged Steel

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  • Coving Trowel

    Coving Trowel

    Coving Trowel 202 Master Finish

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  • Trowel Square

    Square Trowel

    Trowel finishing 120x280
    General purpose square trowel for the smooth finishing of cement render, concrete and other trowelable materials

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  • Float Steel Walking

    Float Steel Walking

    Float Steel Walking 209w
    This makes smoothing your cement. A walking Float

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  • float 219

    Float Walking

    Float Steel Walking 219w
    Makes cementing smoothing easier

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  • Coving Tool Tradesman.

    Coving Tool Tradesman.

    Coving Tool Tradesman. Truline TR-EC662
    Sturdy to last a long time

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  • Float Sponge

    Float Sponge

    Float Sponge 310x130mm ox

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  • Trowel Pointed

    Trowel Pointed

    Trowel Pointed Rubber Handyman

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  • Adhesive Trowel

    Adhesive Trowel

    Adhesive Trowel 12mm/1/2"

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  • Adhesive Trowel 10mm

    Adhesive Trowel 10mm

    Adhesive Trowel 10mm

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  • Trowel  Adhesive 8mm.

    Trowel Adhesive 8mm.

    Trowel Adhesive 8mm. Square notch

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  • Plastering Float - 200mm

    Plastering Float - 200mm

    Truline TR-CA200 FLOAT - 200 X 100mm PLASTIC GRIP Plastering Float - 200mm Blade Size 200mm x 100mm Sprung Carbon Steel Blade Magnesium Alloy Cast Tang Plastic Handle

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  • Groover Wide

    Groover Wide

    Groover Cement Wide Aluminium

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  • Score Knife

    Score Knife

    Score and Snap Knife AC Sheet, Laminex, Vinyl, Tiles Tungsten tip for scoring Haron

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  • Brick Trowel

    Brick Trowel

    Brick Trowel 305x152mm

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  • Mixing Paddle

    Mixing Paddle

    Adhesive Mixing Paddle Hexagonal shaft, 80mm.

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