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Home Timber Glen Innes
Home Timber Hardware
207 Ferguson St   Glen Innes 2370
ph (02) 67 322 155. Fax 02 67 323 680
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Home Timber Hardware
we are a large supplier of material for building projects such as houses and anything that needs to be built,
whether it be nails, screws, tools, paint, items for your house such as heaters, baths, tiles  and the list has no end.
This is a one stop shop and warehouse called Home Timber Hardware. This is one shop that you will find what you need because of the large range.

If you need help, you can ask and you will receive friendly help to make your selection
Tradesman, Tradeswomen, Builder, Building. Living in a House, Flat. Office. Maybe a Garden you need Supplies and Equipment. We can help you.

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